Dalhousie Bistro & Bakery


We DO NOT serve burgers, fries, pizza or wings!

What is this Bistro all about?

We are a quaint “Euro-style Bistro" with a menu to match.  In addition to our “Tapas-style” menu, we offer weekly features on our Blackboard and a “Featured Dinner” at night. 

We have unique and distinctive foods for people who appreciate new tastes and real food.  You can order any number of smaller dishes and create a unique meal which is fun to share with friends, family and a bottle of wine.  


About Our Food

As best as we can, we stay away from any products made with GMO’s, chemical preservatives, colour & flavour agents and other “non-essentials” that are put in most commercially prepared foods.

Yes, our menu is very different.  

Our specialties include French Onion Soup, a variety of home-made "Micro Salads", Dips, Spreads and Appetizers.  We also offer an exceptional list of Pâtés, Charcuterie, Cured & Smoked Salmons & Artisanal Cheeses,  all served with fine condiments and our freshly baked French Baguettes.   Our Panini and Salads are exceptional and different.  We even have Foie Gras . . . and yes, the real thing.  


As much as possible, we buy from small independent Canadian producers.  Why?  Because these people take great personal pride in their craft and produce some of the best and most unique products in the world.  And we have them right here at the Bistro.

• Our smoked Meats & Cheeses are actually “smoked”, not smoke flavoured

• Artisanal Cheeses from Ontario, Québec & PEI are International & National Award winners

• Our Bloomy rind cheeses from France & Europe are renowned the world over

• Our Chorizo & Smoked Northern Italian Salami are made by a small Ontario artisanal meat curer 

• Our Smoked Salmon is from New Brunswick & BC

• Québec has mastered the art of Charcuterie, Pâtés & Foie Gras 

• Our Pork, Beef, Chicken, Ham & Bacon is supplied by Wigle Gourmet Meats in Amherstburg.  Their hams & bacons are naturally cured and wood-smoked

• We make our own specialties like “2-year cheddar aged in Port Wine” and “Cretons”.

• Vegetables, fruit, cheese, wines, pork, lamb, beef, breads, etc. are sourced locally

• We grow our own herbs

• Our French Baguettes are baked here every day so they are always good


Having a gathering?  We can prepare some fabulous platters of different & unique foods.

Everything on our menu is available for Take-out or Eat-in.  

  • Bring home freshly baked, flaky croissants on a Sunday morning!  
  • Drop-in for "Eggs Copenhgagen" on the front porch for breakfast.
  • Have a PIC-NIC in the park with a Take-out cheese plate.

We're open for breakfast, lunch every day and dinner on Friday and Saturday Evenings.

Also Thursday Evenings starting May 28.

Open 7 days a week 

Opens at 10 AM Monday - Friday

Opens at 9:30 AM Saturday & Sunday

Closes "3ish", or later Monday - Thusday"

Closes at "8ish", or later, on Friday & Saturday evenings

(Starting May 28, we will be open on Thursday evening as well and will most likely a little later.)

 On Sunday we close around 5 PM

Our closing times are a bit flexible.  They will depend on what the weather is like, and of course . . . how busy we are.