Dalhousie Bistro & Bakery


What the Bistro is all about!

We've added a bit of a “European / French” flavour to this wonderful 150-year old house in Historic Amherstburg. 

And we are going to be doing a whole lot more!

Our aim is quite simple.  We've created a different kind of restaurant, one where you can come and taste things that you just can't get anywhere else!   And you won't find “burgers, steaks, chicken, pizza, wings and fries”.  I promise. 

This Fall and Winter we are planning to return to some "Traditional" cooking values and create some unique Specialty Dinner Evenings:

We call them "Bistro Soirées"


Bistro Slow-Food

Tastings and Pairings

Theme Meals

These will be unique meals which are fun to share with friends, family and  bottle of wine . . .  meals that are meant to be eaten and enjoyed casually and slowly.

For those who enjoy good food, let's go on a voyage.  Just imagine for a moment . . . You have a glass of wine within reach. You are biting into a piece of crusty French Bread . . . it has a thin coat of Triple-Cream Brie from France and a touch of wine jelly. The combination of tastes is extraordinarily good.

You lean back to savour the moment. It’s late in the afternoon.  From the porch of the Bistro you view the gardens and then the Detroit River, peeking out from under the trees in King’s Navy Yard Park. Life is good. And you’ve found your little oasis in Amherstburg.

A small sip of wine . . . and preparation for the next taste experience . . . a thin slice of Rosette de Lyons with a touch of Dijon and a sweet morsel of "Confit d’Onions" to balance the flavours.  Another great taste sensation.

And now, just to put things into perspective . . . Every Day . . . We bake real French Baguettes, all butter croissants &  Danish . . .  Chocolate, Raspberry, Apple or Cinnamon, along with homemade desserts like "Nutella & Walnut Bread Pudding". 

We still have all your favorite Panini and Salads but you should try some of the new tastes we have brought in: 

Smoked Atlantic Salmon on a "Montreal Style" bagel 

Home-made French Onion Soup "gratinée" with Emmentaler Swiss Cheese and Parmesan

New salads include a Chèvre salad, Julienne salad & a Nicoise salad

Artisanal Cheese, Charcuterie (cured meats) and Pâtés plates ***

*** We serve these plates with as much crusty Baguette as you wish.  Since we bake the Baguettes ourselves, they are always fresh . . . and quite honestly, this is really good French bread! The real thing.  We supply all the condiments that work well with your choices: wine jelly from Oxley Estates, Dijon from France, Confit d’onions from Québec, fresh fruit, olives and gherkins.  Please see our Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie menu.

Like everything on our menu, these are all available for Take-out or Eat-in.  

  • Bring home freshly baked, flaky croissants on a Sunday morning!  
  • Drop-in for "Eggs Copenhgagen" on the front porch for breakfast.
  • Have a PIC-NIC in the park with a Take-out cheese plate.

We're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Opening hours: 

Monday - Wednesday:  8:30 am - "4 ish"

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8:30 am - "9 ish"

Sunday: 9:30 am- "6 ish"